In which we talk reviews

Today we have a reader question from Alice:

Hi Deanna! My question might be rather obvious but it is something I’ve always wanted to know about authors. My question is, how much do you pay attention to reader reviews? For example when readers post reviews on or Barnes and Noble. Do you as the author personally read the reviews? Do you read them all? Are these feeds that you check regularly? How much is what you write about swayed by reader opinions, if at all?

The short answer is that I don’t read them at all. When I write a book it’s mine; when you read it, it’s yours. What you think of it and how you express that opinion is none of my business. Having said that, I do greatly appreciate readers taking the time to post reviews since this generates discussion and raises a book’s profile.The only exception to reading reviews is the trade reviews. If my publisher happens to send along a Publishers Weekly or Library Journal review, I will usually skim it, but that’s it. I don’t seek out trade reviews on my own, and I even skip them when they pop up in publications I read. When someone emails or tags me in a review on Twitter or FB, I always respond with a thank you and the note that I don’t read reviews but appreciate the work in writing it.

And please bear in mind, I’m speaking for myself. I have some author friends who never look at reviews and others who check them daily. That way madness lies, I think…

Your second question will be in Thursday’s blog, Alice!

2 thoughts on “In which we talk reviews”

  1. Lisa H says:

    “When I write a book it’s mine; when you read it, it’s yours.” LOVE this! So true, and tastes are so individual as well. What ‘works’ for me might be a total turn off for the next person. You are a wise woman 🙂

    1. Lynne says:

      I’m with you, Lisa…a great comment. Although I have read some truly awful books that the author would do well to read reviews, in general I think any author, including Deanna could drive themselves mad reading all those blurbs. As a writer you would never have in any confidence in yourself if you read it all…or even some.

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