In which we talk about Delilah and Ryder

Dear ones, I’m up against it with deadlines right now–ALWAYS a good thing! The newest Julia novella and the proposal for my next stand alone are both due the last day of May, and I’m plotting out the revisions for CITY OF JASMINE which I will be starting June 5. It’s all hugely exciting, but those projects have to get top priority, so we’re doing reader questions for the blog for the rest of May.

First up is Carole who asked if I was going to write another book with Delilah and Ryder. And the answer is–sort of but not really. I won’t be writing another book with them as the main characters. However, A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS and CITY OF JASMINE are linked and the plan is to have a scene with Delilah in the JASMINE prequel novella. The proposal I’m finishing up now is for a project that will feature connections to Delilah and Ryder as well as connections to the main characters in JASMINE. I don’t plan on using the same main characters more than once, but there will be ties linking them together. I’m hoping to be able to share a lot more about these projects in the weeks to come, but much is still being finalized, so it’s early days. I have meetings scheduled with my editor in a few weeks when I’m in NYC, and I can’t wait to chat with her about the exciting things we have tucked up our sleeves.

And if YOU happen to be in the NYC area, please check the Tours page! I’ve got an event at Lady Jane’s as well as a joint appearance with Lauren Willig at Mysterious.

3 thoughts on “In which we talk about Delilah and Ryder”

  1. Carole Underwood says:

    Yay! I totally understand how you wouldn’t use them as the main characters again. You already have that with Lady Julia and Brisbane, and I think you want to do something different with your other books. I am excited to know that we will see Delilah and Ryder again, even if it is briefly. Connections in another book are similar to epilogues, and I love both. If you are invested in the characters, you want to see them again to see how their lives are turning out.

  2. Here’s a short reader question for you. What genre do you consider A Spear of Summer Grass?

    1. Historical fiction!

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