In which we ponder a deadly sin

So when I was pootling through the archive I found this piece on lust…I even love the word “lust”. It’s bold and unapologetic, and if you really put your heart into it, you get a lovely push on the vowel straight up from your diaphragm. Anyway, the reason I’ve been poking through the archives is because I’m on a rather snug deadline for the new book–NEW BOOK, YAY!–and I’m sure you’d rather have me writing books that blogs. And sometimes that means pulling something fun out of the closet to wear again, as it were…

Oh, dear, are you blushing already? Never fear, this blog stands firmly at PG13. But we can certainly talk about lust in an intellectual vein, can’t we? Of course we can. We’re grown-ups and world-weary creatures of sophistication, so the most obvious forms of lust are entirely familiar to us. But the fourth definition of lust is simply “ardent enthusiasm”. So I am curious to know, what stirs your lusts? Do you have a lust to create? To share your passions with others? To connect? To work? To exert yourself? By its many definitions, lust is ACTIVE. It engages us, all of us, every sense of every organ and all the cells between. It stirs us up and demands we get off the couch and do. It’s the call of the wild, beating in our blood like a tom-tom, and it’s the sound of our own heartbeat if we listen closely enough. Lust is how you know you’re alive, because the minute that animal enthusiasm flags, the moment that primitive tribal beat goes silent, we die a little. One cannot be blase and truly live. So what fires up your senses and whispers a reminder in your ear that you LIVE?

One thought on “In which we ponder a deadly sin”

  1. Lynne says:

    Oh goodness – the things I lust for…and they have nothing to do with a cute guy. (They’re nice, too, but…) I lust for threads – texture and color make me want more. And paint, too – lots of colors again. Actually I used to tell my neighbor kids, when they were little, that the girl with the most crayons wins. I have way more art and needlework supplies than I will ever use but I just can’t help myself…as you say, they fire my senses. And of course, books. I’m out of space at my house for books but when I see huge, old libraries (think Highclere castle in Downton Abbey) I just want to touch and hold it all. Can you imagine living with a library like that? Sigh….

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