In which we have another sponsored giveaway!

Today, I’m UBER-excited to introduce you to Valerie Baber! Last month I had the pleasure of speaking and signing with fabulous author and galpal Susanna Kearsley during her book tour. As a thank you to the authors who participated, Susanna commissioned knitter Valerie Baber to create unique gifts–mine was a gorgeous Victorian-style neck warmer embellished with a rose and a sprig of jasmine. How perfect was that?! I was so thrilled that I immediately contacted Valerie and asked if she would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway with a piece she had in her inventory.

Valerie went WAY beyond that–she actually created hand warmers to match my neck warmer! She is giving away a beautiful pair of rose and jasmine hand warmers, just the perfect accessory with all the Arctic air we’ve had blowing around this winter. THE WINNER OF TODAY’S GIVEAWAY WILL WIN THE JASMINE-ROSE HAND WARMERS AND A SIGNED ARC OF CITY OF JASMINE! (Please note: Valerie photographed the hand warmers with a copy of A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS, but you’ll be entered to win the NEW release, CITY OF JASMINE.)

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Contest is open to residents of US/Canada only.

2. Contest will be open until Friday, Feb 14, 6pm eastern.

3. You can enter by retweeting our tweets about the contest, following us on twitter, sharing our FB posts about the contest, liking our FB pages.

4. Once you have entered, you must register your entry by commenting HERE. ENTRIES CANNOT BE COUNTED UNLESS YOU HAVE LEFT A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG LETTING US KNOW HOW YOU ENTERED. Do forgive the aggressive caps lock, but I want to make sure you see that part!

5. Comments here are in moderation, so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your comment appear immediately. I will be approving them in batches and all comments will eventually appear.

THAT’S IT! Below are the links to our FB and Twitter accounts, as well as Valerie’s site, lots of great information about her including her etsy shop and blog, and a photo of the hand warmers!

Valerie’s Twitter:

My Twitter:

Valerie’s FB:

My FB:

Fibre Art and Creative Design is my outlet. My eclectic creations are made up of unique One of a Kind designs, specializing in Woman’s Accessories made with pure natural fibres. These multi use designs are unique in many ways, from the colour, embellishments to the accents and yarn types. Every pattern, piece and design are handmade and designed by myself.

The Woman’s Accessories include Scarves, Neck Warmers, Light Accent Scarves, Sweaters, Shawls, Hats, Fingerless Gloves or Hand Warmers, Baby Hats and other specialty knitting and crocheted designs for all four seasons. These Unique, high quality designs add to any wardrobe in any season. Exquisite natural fibres including Hand Painted yarns, Merino Wool, Baby Alpaca, Baby Llama, Silk, Cashmere, Organic Cotton, Cotton, Linen, Hand Spun yarns and Bamboo are often used in my designs. I search for One of a Kind yarns and embellishments to add that special touch to my creations. A combination of knitting, crochet, felting and other techniques are used to adorn these pieces.

You can view and purchase my most recent One of a Kind Designs at Valerie Baber Designs, and on my Etsy Store, Intricate Knits, Valerie Baber Designs are available for purchase at other various locations such as the Alberta Craft Council Gallery Store, Art Gallery of St. Albert, Discover Alberta store in the Edmonton International Airport.

My knitting passion started with a homespun knitwear business, called “Hey, Diddle Diddle”. Progressing from designing and knitting ready to wear children’s hats, sweaters and woman’s wear to the knitting world. Writing and designing patterns for my own line of designs and for the knitting magazine “Cast On”.

Most of my creativity comes from things in my environment such as nature, colours, shapes, people and anything that catches my eye, inspiring me to create. The texture, colour, feel and quality of Natural Yarns and Pure Fibres are my favourite to use in my unique designs.

As I continue to grow and expand my artistic business, my designs will continue to change and evolve into new and creative exciting pieces. My goal is to make wearable art pieces, to add flare and style to any wardrobe, for any season, with a unique characteristic quality of the person who has chosen to wear Valerie Baber Designs.

jasmine rose hand warmers

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