In which we have a winner!

So our adorable hazel dormouse has a name thanks to reader Angie–he is officially SNUG. How sweet is that? And perfectly appropriate since it’s a Shakespearean name and he spends his time in Julia’s decolletage!

If you didn’t get your copy of the monthly newsletter last week, CITY OF JASMINE is available for pre-order! This is my March release and I am BEYOND thrilled it’s coming out so soon.

Here’s your teaser for it: Set against the lush, exotic European colonial outposts of the 1920s, New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn delivers the captivating tale of one woman who embarks upon a journey to see the world—and ends up finding intrigue, danger and a love beyond all reason. 

Famed aviatrix Evangeline Starke never expected to see her husband, adventurer Gabriel Starke, ever again. They had been a golden couple, enjoying a whirlwind courtship amid the backdrop of a glittering social set in prewar London until his sudden death with the sinking of the Lusitania. Five years later, beginning to embrace life again, Evie embarks upon a flight around the world, collecting fame and admirers along the way. In the midst of her triumphant tour, she is shocked to receive a mysterious—and recent—photograph of Gabriel, which brings her ambitious stunt to a screeching halt.

With her eccentric aunt Dove in tow, Evie tracks the source of the photo to the ancient City of Jasmine, Damascus. There she discovers that nothing is as it seems. Danger lurks at every turn, and at stake is a priceless relic, an artifact once lost to time and so valuable that criminals will stop at nothing to acquire it—even murder. Leaving the jewelled city behind, Evie sets off across the punishing sands of the desert to unearth the truth of Gabriel’s disappearance and retrieve a relic straight from the pages of history.

Along the way, Evie must come to terms with the deception that parted her from Gabriel and the passion that will change her destiny forever….

Can’t wait until March 1? No problem! The digital prequel novella is also available for pre-order! WHISPER OF JASMINE will be out February 1–that’s just two weeks away, so get your pre-orders in now! Oh, and IT’S FREE.

And here’s the teaser for this adventure: New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn transports readers to a magical New Year’s Eve party in 1914, where two guests will discover the passion of a lifetime in this prequel novella…

Notorious socialite Delilah Drummond won’t be deterred by the war. Instead, she decides to throw the event of the year, and she’s handing out invitations with an eye for wanton fun and wild abandon.

There is the dashing explorer and archaeologist Gabriel Stark, a man at a crossroads in his life. Brilliant and restless, he’s just committed to a secret enterprise that forces him to play a public role very different from the man he truly is.

And then there is the charming if flighty Evangeline Merriweather. Evie has dreamed her whole life of adventure. Little does she know, she’s about to get more than she bargained for. Especially after her vivacious Aunt Dove acts as fairy godmother, if a saucy one, providing a scandalous gown and a whisper of jasmine on her skin….

Evie will shake cool Gabriel to his core, but just how far are they willing to take love at first sight?

One seductive night will change Evie forever. Watch for her next adventure, in the City of Jasmine.

So, I hope you are sufficiently fired up and excited about these two releases because I certainly am!

Also, if you haven’t already snagged a copy of FAR IN THE WILDS, the digital prequel novella to A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS, it’s still free but that won’t last for long! I expect the price will go up very soon, so grab it while you can.

I also have a few events coming up–this Saturday, January 18, I’ll be in Fredericksburg VA with Susanna Kearsley and Joanna Bourne for a discussion and signing. We’re calling it the Susanna, Joanna, and Deanna show, and you do not want to miss it!

And finally, a note about the Lady Julia novels since I’m still getting loads of mail about them–we are currently continuing the series with the novellas only. The decision about whether to publish a full-length novel rests with my publisher, and as soon as I have news on that score, I’ll pass it along. Since this has been a frequent question, I’m going to repost a bit I wrote some time back about the digital novellas:

If there WERE to be a print collection of the novellas, it would happen after the fourth is published, but that decision is entirely, 100%, in the hands of my publisher and it is far too early to tell if that’s what they will want to do. (I daresay part of their decision will be predicated on sales of the ebooks.) If it were to happen, I would be deliriously happy and shout it from the rooftops, I promise you. As it stands, it will literally be years before that decision is made, so we’ll all just have to be patient–including me!

As to reading the ebooks without your own ereader, here are some options:

1. Borrow an ereader. Some libraries are offering them for loan and this is a superb way of dipping a toe into the ereading experience. You might also have an extremely generous friend or family member willing to loan one for as long as it takes to read a novella!

2. Purchase a refurb. If shelling out full price for an ereader is not at the top of your priority list–and for many people it isn’t–consider the refurbished models you can buy at a discount. I know several people who have purchased Kindles this way and been very happy. I haven’t checked, but perhaps Nook and Kobo offer the same?

3. Take a hand-me-down. My parents and daughter all have ereaders and none of them has ever bought their own! My husband and I have been the tech guinea pigs, trying out a couple of different ones before settling down happily with our Kindle Fires. (Daughter prefers the Nook, my parents are quite content with the Kindles that have keyboards.)

4. Install the ereading app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Before I bought an ereader this is how I did it. It’s old school, but it works just fine. The apps are FREE. You can download them in about four seconds from Amazon or Barnes and Noble and shop in their stores within a minute. This is the most budget-friendly option, especially as my novellas are often free for a limited time.

5 thoughts on “In which we have a winner!”

  1. Ugh. So I just have had the most awkward moment in which I’ve pre-ordered your free copy of WoJ and realized that I’ve added it to my 11 year old son’s Kindle and how no idea how to delete it and add it to mine. HA!

  2. Jill Knapschaefer says:

    If someone is looking for an ereader that will not break the bank and is strictly an ereader, Barnes and Noble currently has the Simple Touch for $59, and the Glow Light is on discount with a Membership number. I will gladly loan out my member number for someone to be able to have access to books in an instant.

  3. Sandy Hagman says:

    I have a Kindle but I also have the Kindle app on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad and it works very well. For the first responder, contact Amazon’s Kindle customer service and they can help you.

    1. Lynne says:

      Sandy – you and Deanna pointed out what is not well known – Amazon has their Kindle e-reader avaiable for almost all electronics. And author Tracy Grant was the one who told me when I complained on her blog that I couldn’t read one of her recent books. So tell your friends – the app is free and it downloaded to my laptop in seconds.!!

  4. Sallie says:

    A bit bummed that the Lady Julia series is scheduled to continue only in novella form at this point. Please dear publishers do okay another full-length.

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