In which we have a bonus post

Quick Monday post to say Happy Blogiversary to Kindles & Wine! In honor of their two years of book bloggery, they’re doing a huge giveaway–check out the goodies they have up for grabs!

Also, we’ve got great questions lined up for August’s blogs; keep them coming! You can leave them in the comments here–remember that comments are in moderation and will not appear immediately–or pop them in an email to deanna(at)deannaraybourn(dot)com.

Today I’m putting the finishing touches on July’s newsletter, so if you haven’t already signed up, DO. The sign-up box is in the sidebar to your right, and I only send out one newsletter per month, so things don’t get spammish. Please note I’m in the process of scaling back my presence on Facebook, so this is a great time to sign up for the newsletter or follow me on Twitter. (In case you missed it, FB–in addition to being increasingly less effective and useful–has recently gotten itself into hot water by experimenting on over 600,000 users in a seriously unethical fashion. If you’d like to read about it–here’s the article in the WSJ.)