In which we catch up

Sorry for the silence, chickens! There were a series of updates and whatnot that kept the site spotty and when the site was available I wasn’t. But I’m here now and making amends by offering up a raft of sites for you to explore.

The Alphabet Library. A new column in the Telegraph recommending forgotten books that are worth your time.

Oscar Wilde’s thoughts on art. Courtesy of Brain Pickings.

Should Charm Be Taught? Essay courtesy of BBC News asking if charm should be taught in school.

Highgate Cemetery. Intriguing piece on the cemetery featured in THE DARK ENQUIRY.

Bored Panda. Because every day needs whimsy.

Christina Bianco’s “Let It Go” cover. Broadway divas!

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  1. Jenni Clark says:

    Love Lady Julia and Brisbane. Looking forward to reading more!

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