In which this one is a fly-by

Chickens, I’m flying by to fling a bouquet of thank yous at a LOT of people. First of all, everyone who has voted in the DABWAHA tournament–thanks to you, A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS is in the Sweet Sixteen!! I’m beyond excited, not only because we get to keep playing but because in this round I’ll be facing off against my friend, Susanna Kearsley, and her amazing book, THE FIREBIRD. Susanna loves to trash-talk so this is going to be FUN. Voting for the third round is slated for March 27/28 so get ready for some serious smacking down!

Second, for those of you who attended the Virginia Festival of the Book this weekend, I was so happy to meet you! It’s always fun to meet readers, and y’all were a particularly delightful bunch. I so appreciate you taking time to attend panel discussions, buy books, ask questions. And I will never get over the delight of meeting reader Betty who presented me with a lovely necklace beaded by the Masai! It was a great weekend, and the organizers, volunteers, and booksellers do a smashing job. If you haven’t attended before, get it on your calendar for 2015!

One thought on “In which this one is a fly-by”

  1. Betty Strohecker says:

    Loved the chance to meet you again at the Virginia Festival of the Book. This was my second year to attend and I ditto your comment for readers to put this event on their calendar. The discussion was lively and informative! The author panel was so accessible and friendly! Thank you so much for participating in this event! Good luck to A Spear of Summer Grass in the upcoming vote at DABWAHA.

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