In which there are too many sports

I don’t know about y’all, but I think we have too much of a good thing right now. I mentioned on Twitter the other day that between the World Cup and Wimbledon, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the start of the Tour de France. (And anyone who knows me knows that watching the Tour is NON-NEGOTIABLE.) A reader tweeted back, “ARE YOU GETTING ANY WRITING DONE?” Well, of course, chickens. I have BONFIRE NIGHT, the next Julia Grey novella, due to my publisher at the end of July. It is well in hand, I PROMISE. But I also know that with two novels and three novellas getting pushed out this year, a girl needs a little recreation, am I right?

And when I say recreation, we all know I don’t mean ME playing the sportsball. I am notoriously uncoordinated. I have managed to sprain both wrists very badly and get the wind knocked out of me, and that’s just in high school gym class soccer. (I will admit to thoroughly enjoying the unit where we got to play football. We were supposed to play flag football, but the coach never cared what the girls did, so we went straight for tackle.) I also didn’t entirely mind the cross-country unit only because we got to loop around the ag barns and fields behind the school which made a nice change from the track. The only thing worse than running is doing it IN A CIRCLE.

I confess, I don’t watch soccer. First of all, it’s ridiculous that we call it that. It’s not our game, it’s played with the feet–why can’t we just agree that it IS football? And secondly, OH MY GOD, it’s hours of nothing happening except some spectacular displays of aerobic fitness and acting ability. If I’m going to learn the intricacies of a game enjoyed by other cultures, it’s going to be cricket–which I’m reliably told is similar to baseball and which I do not believe for a minute. But the outfits are spiffy, and they stop for tea, so I am completely on board.

Then there’s Wimbledon which I enjoy but not when players stand at the baseline slamming serves at each other. I like a scrappy game with strategy, so I tend to favor the smaller players who move a lot and come in to the net, but I fear they’re a dying breed. I like grass and clay because those surfaces fight back, so I generally only watch the French Open and Wimbledon, and thank heaven Wimbledon is over because THE TOUR, Y’ALL.

I was beyond excited about this year’s Tour because it’s starting in England–specifically, in Yorkshire, one of my favorite parts of the country. They’re making their way through towns we’ve visited, winding up and down roads we drove. They even stopped at Harewood House, a stately home with a royal connection. (George V’s only daughter, Princess Mary, married the Earl of Harewood.) Wills and Kate and Harry dropped by to wave the riders onto the start of the stage, and it’s been an utterly insane two days of brilliant riding, beautiful countryside, unexpected tactics, and a spectacular course. It feels like the full three weeks have already been crammed into the first two stages. I am giddy at the thought that we have so many days left…

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  1. Anjelica says:

    Hi! My name’s Anjelica and I’m from the Philippines. I came upon Silent in the Grave as I was searching for books to add to my collection. Needless to say, I found it very interesting that I finished reading it the same day I bought it. That was a year ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t found copies of the next novels in the series until recently. So I resorted to rereading Silent in the Grave and proceeded to devouring the next two. I was elated that there are two more books after the Silent series but sad to say, I finished reading them in just a span of a day and a half. I tried reading them slowly but they’re just too good to put down. It is actually an understatement to say that I love Brisbane and Julia. So now I am trying to put off reading Twelfth Night knowing that I won’t read about their exploits for a while, unless I reread all the novels which I’m seriously contemplating on doing.

    This comment was meant to tell you how much I love your Lady Julia series and how good a writer you are. You are easily my next favorite author next to Jane Austen. (Sometimes, I see a little bit of Mr. Darcy in Brisbane.) But still, I wanted to ask how many more Lady Julia novels will you write? Or are you going to write novellas from now on? And when will the next novel be released? I have read that you have a Lady Julia novella due this month. I really do hope there’s a next Lady Julia novel coming up, or a few of them more. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi, Anjelica–so glad you’re enjoying the books! We have another Julia novella called BONFIRE NIGHT coming in November. My publisher has declined to publish another full-length novel, so there are no plans to release one at this time, but I have a project in the works I hope to be able to talk about soon. Stay tuned!

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