In which reader questions still abound

Reader Jennifer asked:

When writing, do you only concentrate on one book at a time? Or do you write one book while still having idea for another?

Focusing on one book at a time is absolutely impossible when you’re under contract for multiple titles. Too many things overlap! For instance, this summer, I turned in revisions for CITY OF JASMINE, wrote the CITY OF JASMINE prequel novella, looked over the copy edits for the next Lady Julia novella, started the next novel after CITY OF JASMINE, and continued to promote A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS. (And since I want the next few books after JASMINE to link to it, I had to think, at least briefly, about where they will go.) So that’s four projects on the go at the same time, which would have made me run screaming for the hills a few years ago, but which I’ve learned to actually enjoy. There’s something refreshing about putting a first draft aside to be able to zip through the copy editor’s notes on a project you’ve already finished. It’s a great reminder that you have done this before–you’ve sweated through the beginning part of a project and come through to the other side. I’ve learned to appreciate ALL the phases of putting a book together, from the initial rush of enthusiasm for a fresh idea all the way to promoting a release and all the various stages in between.

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  1. Blake says:

    The next novel after City of Jasmine–does it have a title? Can you tell us more? Pretty please?? 😉

    1. No title yet! Editor and I are chatting this week and will do some brainstorming. I’m as anxious as you are!

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