In which….PHEW.

So, the retrospective blog project is DONE, chickens! Hope you enjoyed our tour of the things that have come before–and the sneak peek at what is to come with MIDSUMMER NIGHT.

I’m busy beavering away at the new book AND prepping a workshop I’m giving in early November for the amazing peeps at the Enchanting the Page Conference. So, I thought I’d repost a piece I wrote in October 2010 on how to banish the autumnal gloomies that crop up from time to time. Enjoy!

It is gray and gloomy outside today, which I actually don’t mind because we’re getting a lovely break from the almost 90-degree days. It’s even damp. Welcome, autumn!

But it is a wee bit bleak and I’m feeling fragile–that’s FRA-JEE-LAY to those of you who know “A Christmas Story–yet have a load of work to do. So, what to do? I have remedies for days like this, and while they are mostly frivolous, I assure you, they absolutely work.

*Fall candles. I bought one called “Cozy Country Cabin” or something equally twee at Target, and it’s luscious–cedar and ivy and evergreens. It smells like east Texas. I don’t care that it’s not even 10am. It’s getting lit NOW.

*Dangerous lipstick. I have a lipstick I only wear during cool weather. It’s a blackberry color that is so intense I have to blot it twice. I top it with a sheer blackberry gloss that smells faintly of marshmallows. It’s much more intense than what I usually wear, and I love that.

*Gypsy skirts. What can I say? They swish. And while yoga pants are supremely comfortable, a good Gypsy skirt is just as easy to wear but lets you walk with a bit of attitude. Nobody ever tossed her hair or snapped her castanets in yoga pants.

*Lunch with my mother. Sometimes you just need your mother to make you a sandwich. It makes me feel about six years old again. (The only thing that would make it better is if it were time for the annual Christmas ornament episode of “Days of our Lives”. I haven’t seen that soap in thirty years, but I will bet my shoe collection they still bring out the ornaments with all the Horton names on them every December.)

*Halloween movies. I have several spooky–spooky, not gory–things in the tivo queue right now, and I play them on a loop in the background while I work. Because sometimes you just need a good dose of Hammer blood.

*Fragrance. I tweeted earlier this week that I’ve pulled out my favorite cool weather scent, Passage d’Enfer by L’Artisan. It’s full-on incense and crumbling old stone, a complete church smell–not sexy unless you think about Heloise and Abelard.

I have no doubt that by the time I’ve slapped on my lipstick and sprayed my Gypsy skirts with perfume and lit my candles and queued up my Hammer horror, my day will be immeasurably better, and I will be VERY motivated to work. And you? What turns a bleak day into something a little more magical?

One thought on “In which….PHEW.”

  1. Beverly Preston says:

    For me, it’s making soup. I gather together veggies from the fridge, plus the carcass of the chicken we ate two nights ago, plus things like bay leaves, pepper corns and onions, and make broth; then I strain it, add whatever it is I am using for making soup, and simmer it on the stove all afternoon. The whole house has the aroma, the kitchen is warm and redolent with it, and I feel industrious and proud as I stir it and watch the leaves fall outside. I used to make bread while waiting, and vice versa. Now I just arrange to have good bread ready to eat with it, when my husband and I eat it for dinner.

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