In which….ooooh, secrets!

Yes, I’m keeping secrets from you, chickens! But I’ll give you a little bit just to whet your appetite–in February I’ll be doing giveaways! Not just book giveaways for the ARCs of CITY OF JASMINE, but I’m partnering with small business owners whose products I love. How fun is that?? Y’all will have the opportunity to win some truly lovely things, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you. We’re still finalizing, so no more hints, but the blog will be HOPPING in February, so you’ll want to make sure you’re checking in.

Now, for some tasty web morsels I’ve found that you might enjoy:

*The British Library has a photostream on Flickr. Lots of gorgeous images to fuel the imagination or just provide a gorgeous bit of work avoidance.

*Curious about how to find images that are free to use? Check out this article on how Google has made it easy.

*Y’all know I’m doing gluten avoidance. (That means I do occasionally consume gluten; I just don’t make a habit of it.) But still a girl likes something warm and carby to put some butter on, right? I haven’t tried these ten recipes for grain-free bread, but some of them look DELISH.

*Is meditation on your New Year’s resolution list? I don’t do resolutions, but I’ve been making a practice of doing yoga at least five times a week and I feel LOADS better. My chiropractor can even tell the difference! Here are 11 Easy Ways to Meditate.

*And for a little vintage frivolity, here are 59 Slang Phrases from the 1920s we should bring back. Use them and you’ll be the bee’s knees!