In which lots of things are afoot

So I delayed Tuesday’s blog entry until today because first, Tuesday was my birthday and I wanted to be lazy, but MORE importantly, I knew that today there would be some fun things to share. Today, the first three Lady Julia books are featured in the Kindle Daily Deals at Amazon! That’s SILENT IN THE GRAVE, SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY, and SILENT ON THE MOOR for only $1.99 each, so if you have wanted digital copies to read on your ereader or smartphone, now is the time to grab them. (Remember, you don’t actually have to have a Kindle to read them. You can download the Kindle program for FREE onto your PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. and read on any of those as well.) The special price of these novels is good only TODAY.

Because of the Kindle Daily Deal festivities today, my publisher decided to make all three Lady Julia novellas FREE for one week! You can snap up SILENT NIGHT, MIDSUMMER NIGHT, and TWELFTH NIGHT absolutely free starting today. That’s a lot of Lady Julia digital love this week, so don’t miss out!

2 thoughts on “In which lots of things are afoot”

  1. B says:

    Hi Deanna, I love your books and am currently rereading Silent In the Grave. Question–will there be any future full-length Lady Julia novels, or will it be novellas from now on? Thanks!

  2. Kirsty says:

    Happy Birthday Deanna! Im so looking forward to reading Twelfth Night 🙂

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