In which it’s time to give away something pretty!

I don’t know about y’all, chickens, but I’m having a fabulous time giving away these awesome things! Today our sponsor is one of my very favorite small businesses, the Yatra Collection. It was founded by Gayatri Khosla and Rati Bahadur Madan, two of the most engaging, dynamic women I have ever met. Friends since their boarding school days in India, Gayatri and Rati celebrate their heritage by commissioning extraordinary handmade apparel and accessories. If you ever get the chance to attend one of their shows–and they’re traveling as far as Hong Kong this year–GO! You’ll come away with something fabulous.

Lucky me, I got to have lunch with Gayatri a few weeks ago where she presented me with a gorgeous silk-wrapped, beaded bracelet for our giveaway! In addition to the bracelet, the winner will receive an ARC of CITY OF JASMINE. Here’s the fine print:

1. US and Canada only, please.

2. The contest will run from Tues, Feb. 18, at 8am eastern until Wednesday, Feb. 19, at 6pm eastern.

3. You can enter by liking the Yatra Collection Facebook page, my Facebook page, sharing our posts on FB, retweeting my tweets about the contest, following Yatra on Instagram.

4. Once you have entered, you must return here and post a comment letting me know how you entered. YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNLESS IT HAS BEEN REGISTERED HERE IN THE COMMENTS. Oh, the shouty caps lock again–but this is important. We have to keep all entries in one spot for easy choosing, and having you comment here is the simplest.

5. Comments here are in moderation. They WILL be approved, but not immediately. Please don’t worry if it takes a little while to show up. We haven’t lost anyone yet! When the contest closes, the comment field will be closed so if you don’t see a spot to comment, all is finished.

6. The winner will be announced immediately after 6pm eastern on Wednesday, Feb. 19, so check the blog! If you’re the lucky winner, please email me at deanna(at)deannaraybourn(dot)com with your mailing address so the prize can go out as soon as possible.

7. That’s it! I just thought I’d pop a seven in here because it looks nice. Below are the links to the various Instagram, FB, and Twitter accounts as well as the Yatra site so you can peruse their GORGEOUS wares yourself. (And yep–that’s me in the black tunic with the gold embroidery on their site.)

Yatra Collection Website

Yatra Collection on Instagram

Yatra Collection on Facebook

My Facebook Page

My Twitter Account

Yatra prize

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    Fingers and toes crossed!! 🙂

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    * Like Yatra Collection Facebook page–CHECK
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    * Retweet tweets about contest–CHECK
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  8. Melissa Keith says:

    Hello Deanna,
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    xo Mel

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  14. I liked you page ages ago. 🙂 I now like Yatra’s page and will share both with all my friends. Fingers crossed!

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    Shared the link on FB! these contests are SO much fun!!

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    I just “liked” the Yatra collection on Facebook. Such cool stuff! Would love an ARC!

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    I’ve liked both of you on Facebook & shared the giveaway there. Glad for another chance to win a copy of City of Jasmine!

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    Liked on Facebook. Bracelets gorgeous. Book will be great

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    I liked Yatra on their FB page as well as liking your FB. I perused Yatra Collection website and followed on Instagram. I would love to have an early copy of “City of Jasmine” and a Yatra bracelet.

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