In which it’s Sarah’s turn

For the month of December–with bonus posts on November 30 and January 1!–I am delighted to welcome a wonderful assortment of guest bloggers to take over the helm. Please enjoy their generous contributions to the blog this month. My own bloggery will resume January 2. I wish you and yours happiness and health this holiday season. Please note: comments are disabled until my return.

From Sarah White:
Earlier this year I wrote the words ‘The End’ on the first draft of my first novel. Just months later I completed the second, and then the third drafts. Since then I’ve completed a novella, and have now moved on to a new project.

I’ve always written, but writing on a larger novel sized scale is something new for me. It’s been an interesting learning experience and I wanted to share a few points that I came across during the journey.

Therefore without further ado please see a random list of things I learnt from finishing my very first novel:

I’ve found that writing can be hard
Editing can make writing seem easy by comparison
Writing and editing difficult? Researching for just the right sort of agent can feel absolutely impossible
I never thought it possible to have reread my work so many times that simple words no longer make sense
You can easily go from loving, to vehemently hating, and back to loving your characters again, all in the space of a single day
Characters sometimes just won’t go where you need them to go (see above)
Sometimes all the planning in the world can be for naught, as a story can take a different path, seemingly on a whim
As you are writing sometimes things will just unfold, like a big key missing plot point you just couldn’t figure out
Sometimes the words aren’t there, even after coaxing and forcing, alternatively some days you won’t want to stop writing, and the words just won’t stop flowing
When I reached the final chapter, I didn’t want the story to end, I didn’t want to stop writing my character’s story
I’ve found that the whole writing process can be unbelievably enjoyable

My name is Sarah, and recently I’ve been tweeting over at @recentlysarah