In which it’s reader question time

Reader Steph had a question about work spaces:

I love looking at photos of writers’ workspaces. Can you please post some photos of yours? Is there anything you use in your workspace (whiteboards, pinboards, etc.) that you find indispensable for putting your research/ideas/storylines together?

I LOVE my workspace! I’ve written about it before, but for readers who’ve missed it, here’s a description: it’s small, about eight feet by nine, and it’s pink. I know, it’s a frighteningly girlie color, but it’s warm and cheerful and optimistic and creative. (It’s also a color I don’t have in any other space in the house, so I don’t get tired of it.) I painted the ceiling a soft turquoise, and I have south-facing window that gets gorgeous light. My husband installed open bookshelves for me with antique iron brackets, and I put up curtains that are a turquoise and pink floral to camouflage office supplies. I do have a few pinboards, but those are full of images to stimulate general creativity and fun. My REAL inspiration comes from the collages that change with every book. I create them at the start of each novel from images I tear out of magazines. The collage frame is two feet by three and hangs opposite my desk so every time I look up, I can see it. (Images of the collages will be posted in September and October–keep checking back!)