In which it’s pinning time again

Today’s Pinterest board features THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST. The images include foreign covers as well as architectural details that provided inspiration for the Castle Dragulescu. Some of the photographs were taken in England and others were actually snapped in DisneyWorld–proof you can find inspiration anywhere if you look hard enough.

One thought on “In which it’s pinning time again”

  1. Betty Strohecker says:

    I have read all of your Julia Grey books and A Spear of Summer Grass, also the digital prequel. I have this one and must start it after finishing the current book I am reading. I’m so glad I found your books, Deanna!

    Did I read a while back that some digital novellas were to be published in the Julia and Nicholas series? I was thinking you mentioned they would be released in the fall each year.

    Thanks for many enjoyable hours.

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