In which it’s almost reader question time

Oh, August is always my favorite month on the blog because it’s the month when YOU get to ask questions and have them answered! I did notice that we’re a little short on blogging days in August–the month starts on a Friday so that pushes our first entry all the way to August 5. So, if we have too many questions for August, I’ll actually start answering them in July posts. And in the interest of being able to prepare the blogs with plenty of time, I’d love to get your questions now! Ask in the comments here, via Twitter, or on FB–all are fine. They’ll be answered in no particular order, and I’m happy to talk about the Julia series, the Vespiary series, writing in general, etc. My only request is to be discreet with your spoilers! Lots of folks are still catching up with the spring releases. If you’re concerned about posting something spoilerish, feel free to send your question along to me at deanna(at)deannaraybourn(dot)com. Spoilerish questions are always answered on the blog with big honking warnings at the top, so you can still ask questions that give things away. Alright, chickens–what do you want to know?

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2 thoughts on “In which it’s almost reader question time”

  1. mp_vadel says:

    So, the Vespiary series. I have absolutely delighted in the development of this series, and even more so, in how the Lady Julia series and this new series have been woven together. Was this something that naturally happened once you thought about writing about another time period, or was it simply once you sat down and started writing you saw the opportunity? Basically, I’m extremely devoted to all the fictional characters you’ve written and how you’ve fleshed them out. I’m assuming you know a lot more about them then I do, and I just want to know when I might find out a bit more about them all!

    1. mp_vadel says:


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