In which I’m posting autumnal thoughts

I was pootling through the archive the other day and came across AUTUMNAL THOUGHTS. (I don’t know why; it just felt like it needed to be capped.) I don’t know about the rest of you northern hemisphere types, but I am so ready to break up with summer…

I know I’m rushing the fences a bit here, but goodness me, I am DONE with summer. It’s been busy and demanding and thorny, and I’m quite ready for a new rhythm. I want to nest, to settle my feathers and be peaceful and busy at work. I am looking forward to the view from my windows changing–not because hurricanes have blown away my trees but because the trees are putting on their autumn silks and the leaves are waving farewell.

I’m looking forward to baking things that are full of spices, scenting the air with cinnamon and nutmeg. I want crisp apples and winter squashes and porridge for breakfast. (Doesn’t porridge just sound more enticing than “oatmeal”?) I want nail polish and roses in dark, dangerous colors and candles that smell of pumpkin and patchouli. I want to wear boots and scarves and wrap myself in velvets and suede. I want to shiver as I get out of bed in the morning and sleep burrowed down into the covers, hoarding my own warmth against the chill. I want to smell woodsmoke on the air and the promise of coming frosts. I want to pick up my knitting again and engage in woolly pursuits. I want to collage and sew and cook up pots of things that simmer for hours on the back of the stove. I want new bread and ancient philosophies and poetry to read aloud.

What do YOU want for autumn, chickens?

4 thoughts on “In which I’m posting autumnal thoughts”

  1. Harriette says:

    Agree with you wholeheartedly. You put it so well. The only thing I do not savor about autumn are the forthcoming winter heating bills. It’s time for me to fetch my sailboat and tuck it in for the winter. But it was a crummy summer for sailing, anyway.

  2. Yvonne says:

    I’m a southern hemisphere type and we are just coming into spring, but by summer’s end I welcome autumn with open arms for all the reasons you mentioned.

  3. Lynne says:

    Ahhh…give me autumn anytime over summer. Particularly a summer like we’ve just had in the Northwest…”hotter than the hammered down hinges of hell” as you so appropriately said awhile back. Autumn is crisp, colorful and restful. I can stop weeding the garden and put it to bed. I can curl up with a good book – or two – and my needlework. I can spend hours in my studio messing around because there isn’t anything outside calling my name till spring. And yes, the spices from baking…yummmmmmm! Pumpkin spice lattes are nice as well. Sorry…I got carried away:)! And Deanna – City of Jasmine was just terrific – I finished it last week.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I love the colours of Autumn. After the heat haze of summer, all of a sudden the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds and the colours of the trees look so deep and vivid it is like living in a technicolour movie from the 1950s rather than reality. And the nights get cold; utter bliss. I also love getting out my recipes for winter warmers, soups, stews and so on. Salads start to get very boring after the long months of summer and I long for cooked vegetables.

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