In which I need a set dresser

Every once in awhile I see a film I want to move into–and an actress whose film wardrobe I want to purloin. Those are the movies I leave feeling annoyed because that world doesn’t actually exist. AND I WANT IT TO. Here are a few of my absolute favorites, movies that influenced my style in one way or another:

*American Dreamer. If you haven’t seen this 80’s classic, do. At once. I love movies that feature writer-protagonists (go figure), and this one has the added deliciousness of being set in Paris. Imagine a Francophile Eloise all grown up and engaging in some international espionage and living at the Crillon instead of the Plaza. My favorite scene is the montage of Rebecca Ryan outfitting herself at the chicest boutiques–Mugler, Montana, Dior! You will never find bigger shoulder pads in any film.

*St. Elmo’s Fire. Another 80’s gem. I remember taking a plain white shirt and stitching the collar points to have the same effect as Demi’s. I actually had half a dozen of those shirts and wore them with brooches at the neck and cufflinks on my French cuffs. I also loved her glitzy little party dresses and her furs and faux jewels and crinoline! Ah, the decade of excess…

*Practical Magic. Updated Bohemian witchcraft chic. I love the flowy hair, the flowy skirts, and the tiny embellished cardigans. And black cats are always a superb accessory.

*Amelie. Utterly perfect French ingenue chic. The little skirts, tidy collars, lush colors, crocheted trims, saved from tweeness by the very masculine shoes. And that bob! Tres magnifique.

*Chocolat. Vianne’s wardrobe was as delectable as her chocolates. Ladylike and French, but always with a twist of something unexpected. The fitted waists and silk fabrics were wildly improbable for a chocolatier, but divine nonetheless. I also loved the little scarves for tying up her hair as she worked and the shawls for wrapping herself up against the chill of the town.