In which I have TWO days left until deadline!

So with two days left until deadline, there’s a lot of hyperventilating, a lot of “OHMYGOD, WHY ISN’T THIS BOOK EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, WAIT THIS PART ISN’T SO BAD”, and a fair bit of tearing of hair. At this stage, the hard work is done and the rest is all tweaking–the sort of tweaking that makes you very glad you actually have a deadline because otherwise you would just sit and mess with it FOREVER. It’s like getting ready for a party. By now, the dress and heels are on, the makeup is done–you’re just fixing the winged eyeliner and touching up the lipstick.

In light of that, I am reposting an interview I did for the delightful Suzy Nightingale at Fragrantica last year–with the addition that in 2014 I started wearing four new fragrances not mentioned in the interview.

*Botrytis by Ginestet. I discovered this thanks to the glorious and generous Alyssa Harad. If you don’t have her book, run away and get it now. This fragrance is honeyed wine and deeply sensual. Think of drizzling honey on your favorite person…

*Baudelaire by Byredo. It’s a men’s fragrance, but I wear it with gusto. (Ava Gardner and Cary Grant wore the same scent, so there’s a glamorous precedent.) It’s leather and juniper and spice–perfect for winter.

*Noir Tease by Victoria’s Secret. I know. I can’t stand cheap fragrance, but this one is delicious. It’s vanilla and fruit and jasmine and musk and I should HATE it, but somehow it works. It’s a good everyday fragrance that’s sexy without saying, “Hey, let’s do unseemly things behind a potted plant.”

*Black Jade by Lubin. I almost didn’t share this one because I love it so much I want to Gollum it and keeps the preciouses all to myself. The story is that this was originally made for Marie Antoinette–a story that probably only Lubin’s PR director believes–but it makes for good copy and the perfume is divine. Lush, sensual, and elusive. It changes a LOT during drydown, and it has an unimpressive sillage, but it doesn’t matter in the slightest because it is pure magic.

Here’s the interview from last year:

Oooh, extra Friday bonus post, chickens! This week the ever-eloquent Suzy Nightingale asked me for an interview for Fragrantica, and I was thrilled to comply. If you’ve spent any time hanging out here, you know how much I love perfume, and this was the perfect excuse to geek out on one of my favorite subjects. Suzy asked great questions, and she pulled some lovely tidbits from the blog you might have missed. You can read the entire interview here, and huge bouquets of thanks to Suzy and Fragrantica for the invitation!