In which I am writing

Oh, yes, yes, I am! I have to tweak a novella coming out in the autumn, write a new novella, and plot out the novel I’m starting August 1, so this week I’m taking a brief hiatus to labor in the word mines. If you were able to come to Turn the Page this past weekend, thank you!

Regularly scheduled bloggery will resume July 23. Stay cool out there, chickens!

7 thoughts on “In which I am writing”

  1. Lynne says:

    One of those novellas had better be about Lady Julia, Deanna. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Please……

    1. Yes! The next Lady Julia novella will be out this autumn! I’m putting the finishing touches on it this week. Hope that helps!

      1. Lynne says:


  2. I’m going to adopt your term tweaking instead of revising. I’m trying to be positive about proofreading/revisions, ahhhh. Question about novellas: do you normally write the novella first then the novel? Thank you.

  3. Oh, tweaking is VERY different from revising. Tweaking to me means fixing typos, deleting commas, checking spellings. Revising means moving things!

    I never write the novellas first, and I think that’s why they’re so easy to write. I finish the novel, and as I’m working I get an idea of what backstory can be established or questions can be answered in the novella. I know it seems backwards since the novellas are prequels, but it feels simpler to do it this way.

  4. Jaye says:

    Dear Deanna,
    I wanted to tell you that I went on a Deanna Raybourn binge over the weekend. I listened to several podcast interviews with you and about your books. I am taking your advice (WRITE!!!) to heart and not worrying about the selling piece. I already write every day on my blog and in my journal, but I am going to put the novel in the mix as well. I have been revising what I have written on and off, but not getting into the word processing file. You have given me renewed energy.

    I also really liked the way you described getting your stories down on paper first because the ‘pop’ and ‘fizz’ lessen the more you tell a story. Thanks for sharing. It is so true and I knew it, but couldn’t describe what was happening.

    Sometime would you talk about how you backup your work. I know it sounds mundane, but I think it is important (what the revisions were all lost?!?) and might be interesting to others as well.

    Thanks for all you do for us.


    1. So glad it helped–and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! As far as back-ups go, I save as I write–not after a set number of pages or words. I just do it as I think about it, and my program has an auto-save feature as well. I also back up my finished work each day onto a flash drive and I email a copy to myself. It takes only half a minute to do both of those, and it’s well worth it. I also have a separate drive that backs up my entire computer. It’s all pretty old school, but it works!

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