In which I am leaving on a jet plane

So I didn’t expect to be traveling any time soon–my release isn’t until the autumn and our trip to Europe isn’t until July–but husband has been logging LOTS of frequent flyer miles. He’s been gone three of the last four weeks on business, and during his last trip he realized he was supposed to fly home on Valentine’s Day. SUPPOSED TO. Instead, he called me up and said, “Book a ticket and meet me in New York.” And that’s what I did. I’m leaving today to spend the weekend with my guy in the Big Apple–the first time we’ve ever been to New York together in February, and the first time we’ve ever been there alone without business engagements! We have utterly nothing planned. No tickets bought, no tables booked. We are both recuperating from bouts of unwellness and taking a nice long weekend at our own pace suits us perfectly. I don’t even care if we have to have Valentine’s Day dinner at a hot dog cart. Whatever your plans this weekend, I hope it’s lovely!