In which I am experimenting

So today I’m playing with a bit of new technology and you can’t see it but I’ve already made twelve typos I had to correct. Oops. Fourteen. In the interest of being able to work when I travel, I bought a tablet–a super little gizmo called a Transformer by Asus and I am torn between loving it so much I want to sleep with it under my pillow and hurling it out the window. But the hurling moments are fewer and further between the more I play with it. This is my first chance to try out the keyboard, and it’s workable. BUT WEE. Anybody with big hands is going to find this a challenge, and I’d hate to write a novel on it, but I could manage if I had to. More importantly, it means I can work when I travel, and since I’ve got RT coming up–six days in New Orleans!–I won’t lose a week of writing time.

I’m also digging the fact that I don’t have to take my Kindle–I loaded the Kindle app onto the tablet and even though it’s a bit more unwieldy than the ereader itself, it’s perfectly acceptable. This means my phone and the tablet are the only devices I’ll need to pack–no camera,  no iPod, no sleep machine. I’m pretty sure this thing can even blow dry my hair if I asked. Oooh, and I just increased the display size and it’s even better…Also a plus for the Transformer? It came with the keyboard. I priced several other brands but adding in the keyboard and case in some instances doubled the cost. With this one the keyboard doubles as the case, and even then it’s barely  heavier than my Kindle. My netbook (hello, 2008!) is giving up the ghost and my laptop is WAY too heavy to schlep around airports. This little guy will fill the gap nicely–and it also came with Word, another selling point since that’s the program I use for my work. I’d like it better if it came in dark red or hot pink, but alas, we’ll have to make do with basic black. In any event, it’s functional, well-priced, has just the features I want without loads of things I don’t. What more could I ask? (Oh, and having a touch screen is just a plain old LUXURY since my laptop doesn’t. My fancy schmancy desktop does and I always forget to use it, but in a smaller device, it’s just NICE to be able to make things happen at the touch of a finger. Makes me feel like Hermione Granger.)

Now, onto something entirely different. This week I’ve been pondering moods–specifically mine since they’ve been variable and occasionally rotten. I could blame lots of things: the weather, hormones, having a contract proposal out (those are always nerve-curdling), the Grand Cross that’s approaching on April 23. (Got your astrological updates? This one’s a DOOZY. I have an ongoing skeptic/believer conflict with astrology. It seems absurd and yet so often when I go looking for a planetary explanation for something, there it is. At this point, I just think it’s interesting. And the moon influences the tides, so who’s to say? In any event, the Grand Cross puts lots of things in conflict, so it’s a reminder to be extra-gentle and kind with one another. And when is that ever a bad thing?)

Anyway, MOODS. Managing them can be an exercise in frustration. If you indulge yourself with food or wine, you’ll regret it. And if you indulge yourself with shopping to feel better, you’ll REALLY regret it. A few treats to pamper yourself are a great idea–a new lotion, a bubble bath, a fresh new lipstick, a book. A yoga or ballet workout, a few pages written in a journal, a walk in the sunshine and fresh air–also great ideas. But the BEST way I’ve found to turn around a sour mood is do something for someone else. Call a friend, return an email, send a compliment. Get out of your own head and focus on doing for somebody else. It can be small–grand gestures need not apply. Sometimes remembering to pick up toilet paper is just as important as showing up with flowers.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Deanna, I can totally relate to your “tale of the tablet”! I bought a Kindle Fire last summer and adjusting to that little tiny virtual keyboard was a pain in the you-know-where. (Your add-on one sounds great.) And like you, I couldn’t decide whether I should sleep with it or drive nails with it. Thankfully, I have to decided to love it – a lot! Since I hate smart phones (too tiny to do anything productive on the darn things) my Fire is perfect for reading, games, email, music,etc. My Fire is 9 in. – I think your Asus might be an inch bigger. I have become absolutely sold on the tablet concept and you will, too. By the time you’ve finished your trip you’ll see!!! And also – these little guys fit in your purse! By the way – after about 3 wks. I bought a stylus. Unless you like the look of a grubby screen, you’ll want one. I have even learned to type hunt-and-peck style with my stylus. No mean feat for a middle aged girl! Have fun with it and have fun in New Orleans. ( There may be an app for blow-drying hair – God knows there’s one for almost everything else!)

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