Okay, that’s not really a thing, but if it were, I’d be dead of it. For many moons I’ve been a fan of the Fug Girls. Their fashion blog, GO FUG YOURSELF, is utterly hilarious–so snappy and fresh they’ve taken to writing novels! Much to my delight, it turns out the Fug Girls enjoy my work just as much as I enjoy theirs. Our paths crossed quite by chance a few weeks back on Twitter, and much mutual admiration ensued. The result is a FIVE BOOK LADY J giveaway! Huge thanks to Jessica and Heather for giving Lady J all the love and sharing it with Fug Nation. Go forth and enter, chickens! (Oh, and if you click through their archive to the commentary of the Will & Kate movie? You will get abdominal cramps from laughing. Pinky swear.)

One thought on “In which I am DYING OF SQUEEEEE”

  1. Libby Dodd says:

    Since I am fortunate to have all the books I am not going over to enter. But I did post it on FaceBook.

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