In which I am back!

I have emerged, chickens–my post-conference funk has lifted and I’m busy beavering away at LOTS of things. The RT convention in NOLA was something of a mixed bag. I got to see loads of folks I adore and met some truly lovely readers. The organizational aspects were a little hit or miss, but if the lobby noise was any indication of success, this was a VERY good conference. My ears are still ringing…

One of the most delightful things to come out of the conference was meeting my French publisher! Yes, that’s right–I’m about to be published in France. I had NO CLUE, y’all. Two different members of the French publishing team introduced themselves and explained that the first Lady Julia book is just about to drop in France, and I was BEYOND thrilled. I had been told that my chances of being pubbed there were virtually nil since they are extremely selective about their historical fiction. But here we are! They have changed the title from SILENT IN THE GRAVE to LE SILENCE DE GREY HOUSE and I quite love the cover:

French SITG Cover

And I don’t even read French but I’m intrigued by the back cover copy: Londres, 1886. Après avoir reçu une lettre de menace, sir Edward Grey s’effondre et meurt en la présence de lady Julia, son épouse, et d une assemblée de convives. Quelque temps plus tard, Nicholas Brisbane, un détective privé au charme animal, rend visite à lady Julia et lui laisse entendre que son mari aurait été assassiné. Déterminés à démasquer le coupable, tous deux s’engagent dans une quête de la vérité qui se révélera aussi déplaisante que dangereuse…

2 thoughts on “In which I am back!”

  1. Pam says:

    If you’d like a translation: London, 1886. After receiving a threatening letter, Sir Edward Grey collapses and dies in front of Lady Julia, his wife, and an assembly of guests. Some time later, Nicolas Brisbane, a private detective with an animal magnetism [or allure/appeal/seductiveness], pays a visit to Lady Julia and suggests to her that her husband may have been murdered. Determined to unmask the villain, the pair embark on a search for truth that will prove itself to be as upsetting/unpleasant as it is dangerous.

    Ooh la la!

  2. Lynne says:

    I love the cover! And congrats on “becoming French”! I do wish I remembered my high school french but the best I got out of it was Edward receives a menacing letter and then collapses in front of Julia and guests…later Brisbane pays Julia a visit… after that most of the words are lost in my memory. I guess we all know how the book started so it doesn’t matter if you can translate the french. I hope they like the stories as much as we all do!

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