I’m quite certain we’ve discussed this before

but I can’t find a post, so let’s discuss it again: movie houses. Not the places where you see films, but the places IN films and TV shows. There are movies I’ve seen where I almost don’t pay attention to the dialogue or plot because I’m so busy imagining myself living in the setting. Here are my favorites:

*Practical Magic. The Owens house, white and neo-Gothic, perched on a cliff and stuffed with witchy treasures. It is classic with a twist, and it’s everything I want in a house, down to the elaborate conservatory and stillroom for brewing potions.

*”The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. Mary’s apartment. How I lusted after that sunken living room! I thought it was so clever with its low bookcases tucked in around the sofa and it’s cozy pot-bellied stove. Rhoda’s apartment gave me fits because it seemed claustrophobic, but Mary’s was airy and light and sophisticated.

*”Friends”. Monica’s apartment, from the purple walls to the skirted farm sink. If you don’t actually know what NYC apartments look like, it’s a dream.

*”I Dream of Jeannie”. Didn’t we all want to hang out on the circle couch? It was velvety and glamorous, and I loved it even though Jeannie was usually only there because the major was punishing her for something and that annoyed me even in childhood.

*The Holiday. Kate Winslet’s cottage is chocolate-box perfection. I love everything about it, the tiny bathtub, the twisty staircase, the low ceilings. It is English country at its finest and most adorable, skirting past but never quite landing on twee.

*Skyfall. Okay, yes, it’s a grim Scottish estate possibly haunted by the ghosts of James Bond’s parents. But it’s MAGNIFICENT in that flinty, granite, majestically Scottish way. Throw in a few scarlet velvet sofas and some nice rugs and you’d have quite the cozy getaway.

*Crimson Peak. Hear me out. I know there is a ghost problem, and the cellars seem full of oozing blood-colored clay, and there is a stonking great hole in the roof, but every house has issues. It’s SPLENDID, with a rotting, decaying glamour even a few specters can’t hide. Definitely needs an exorcism, but I’m not even sure I’d repair the roof…you can always use an umbrella when you cross the reception hall.