I wish I had thought of this a million years ago

So, one of the biggest challenges with this quarantine has been provisioning the household. I never realized how much STUFF we need to take in on a regular basis until I had to have every bit of it delivered. I’ve reconsidered a lot of things–I have switched to reusable Swedish cloths and bar towels instead of paper towels, etc. Some of this is just easier for us, some is easier for the earth. (If I don’t throw something away, I don’t have to shop for its replacement. WIN!)

I’m experimenting with autoships, but even those still have to be managed. (Do you need an add-on? Do you need to skip a week?) My husband and I have divided the orders and responsibilities, usually by whoever set up the account at any given site. The problem is by doing that, the other can’t really pitch in when needed or track shipments. If one of us is on a deadline, it’s a huge help to have the other take over.

Enter the household email account. I seriously cannot believe it never occurred to us to do this before, but while I was juggling three different orders and couldn’t delegate a single one to my husband because they were all logged with my info, we suddenly realized how to make it work. Within two minutes he had set up a household email account, told me the password, changed the log-in for the accounts we both need to access, and loaded the new email account onto my phone.

We’ll be changing the vet contact info so either of us can handle the dog’s appointments, as well as the movie ticket app when theatres open again. I imagine this would also work really well if you have kids at home for schools, sports teams, doctors, teachers, etc. Yes, it’s one more email account to juggle, but it’s one centralized spot for information. Everyone still has their personal accounts for their own things, but now your inbox isn’t cluttered up with STUFF. You could even subscribe to newsletters that both of you are interested in without having to take the extra step of sharing links.

Hope all of you are keeping well!