Sometimes when I travel to a place I love, I get homesick for it when I return and settle back into my normal life. I was raised on a steady diet of English children’s books and Earl Grey, and I can say I was homesick for England before I ever went. There are a few theories floating around that say one’s ancestral DNA is influenced by geography, and since my family was trotting around the British isles a thousand years ago, it makes sense that I would feel comfortable there, no?

The best remedy I’ve found for post-travel let-down is a sort of inoculation, little doses of the destination until you’re a little more immune to its charms. In my case, that’s meant the following:

*Fortnum & Mason’s loose-leaf Royal Blend. Snapped this up at Heathrow on the way out of the country at the tiny Harrod’s food hall.

*Marks & Spencer British Wildflower Honey Honeycomb. I bought it because my new hero, Stoker, eats candy like a fiend and I wanted to know what this particular sweet tasted like. Well, it’s HEAVEN. I ate an entire bag in the UK and didn’t buy more when I was leaving, so I had to order it. Yes, that’s right. I IMPORTED FIVE BAGS. I may need professional help.

*The Queen’s Palaces. Superb 3-hour documentary featuring the queen’s principal residences, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Holyrood House. The history of each residence is presented along with some juicy details and peeks at the various treasures. Great fun and very informative.

*Carrying my British Birds Day Bag from Cath Kidston. Also picked up in Heathrow because I have IMPULSIVITY ISSUES. But I love it dearly, and it never fails to make me smile. I also bought a cosmetic bag, an apron, and socks. Again, I may need help here.

*Listening to this unfailingly cheerful song that is actually American but was repeatedly endlessly this summer in an ASDA commercial. I dare you not to dance along.