Happy Thanksgiving!

First, HEAPS of thanks to those of you who contributed to the auction and the Go Fund Me page for Summer Heacock and her family! Together, the two events have raised right around $18,000 and made all the difference for darling Summer and her family. She wrote a blog post about the experience, and I’m warning you–you’re going to need tissues. But I am so, so happy for her and the fact that they are in a better place is something I’ll certainly be thinking about this Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today is having a lovely holiday with lots of delicious things to eat and not too many annoying relatives. (The horror stories on Twitter have been chilling this week–truly.) As part of our holiday weekend, we’re finally getting to see SPECTRE over pancakes and mimosas, and it’s just the start of the movies I’ve got listed to see in the next few weeks. None of them are feel-good films, but they all look like good storytelling.

*Victor Frankenstein. I suspect James McAvoy is going to chew the scenery HARD, but I am a sucker for a historical piece, and this one looks intriguing. I will admit to being slightly afraid of Daniel Radcliffe’s wig. It’s gotten some terrible reviews, but I’m willing to give it a go.

*Macbeth. I have friends who are wild about Michael Fassbender, but for me this one is ALL about Marion Cotillard as Lady M. I anticipate she’s going to be delectable.

*In the Heart of the Sea. I loved Nathaniel Philbrick’s book about the voyage of the whaleship Essex and the film looks phenomenal. The cast alone would sell this one for me: Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, Chris Hemsworth and loads of others.

In housekeeping notes: beginning November 30 we have guest writers posting here for the entire holiday season! I love turning over the online journal to visitors, and we will have new content every Tuesday and Thursday–and the occasional Wednesday–until the new year. I’m hugely grateful to them and hope you enjoy. I will be hard at work on revisions to the second Veronica Speedwell adventure during the month of December, so I’m doubly grateful to the guest writers for filling in. Want to know the title of the new book? All will be revealed in the December newsletter, along with a gift guide for those of you who still have some shopping left–like me! Wishing you all a tremendously happy holiday season. See you in 2016!