Happy December!

Rabbit, rabbit! It’s the first of the month, and to ensure luck, the first thing out of your mouth is supposed to be, “Rabbit, rabbit!” Do you do this? I remember about one month out of four. Anyway, happy December, my dears. The newsletter is going out soon, so be sure you’ve signed up–remember, an excerpt from A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING will be included. Two new chapters!

Did you catch the fancy new Spotify button below? It links to Veronica’s playlist in case you haven’t checked that out yet. There’s a lot of great music to enjoy, all of it inspired by Veronica and her world.

Looking for a new Victorian mystery? I just finished THE SECRETS OF WISHTIDE by Kate Saunders, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the first in a new series featuring the intrepid widow Laetitia Rodd, who functions as an operative for her solicitor-brother. If you love Dickens, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. Very much looking forward to the second installment! I also just finished an ARC of AN EXTRAORDINARY UNION by Alyssa Cole, out this spring. It’s a fabulous Civil War adventure featuring a spy with an eidetic memory and her Pinkerton partner. (Disclaimer: I really don’t love the Civil War as a time period, but Cole is a tremendous storyteller and sucked me in from page one. Pre-order now!)

Earlier this week, I made this Maple-Glazed Baked Salmon and, HEAVENS, it was good. It’s one of the easiest dinners I’ve ever made–we’ve talked about my laziness in the kitchen, right?–but it repaid the minimal effort with MAXIMUM satisfaction. The sauce is incredibly easy and would work beautifully over pork too. The ultimate short-cut? I bought the pre-prepped Brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s. The whole meal took about two minutes to put together and thirty minutes to bake. And I’m going to out myself as being firmly Team Baked Pear. I didn’t realize they were a thing, but they are and I am staunchly in favor. When you buy pears you end up stalking them to hop on the three minutes between woolly unripeness and unholy rotten decay. With this recipe, it doesn’t really matter. Mine were slightly unripe and they worked beautifully. I also didn’t have the pomegranate arils on hand, but I will next time, and it will look like a professional was on the loose in my kitchen. Have you ever garnished with pomegranate arils? JEWELS, my dear ones. They are tiny, succulent jewels and they make everything look like you really know what you’re doing.

Finally, looking for a good cause to fling some money at? Please consider Days for Girls International. In many developing countries, girls do not have access to proper hygiene products and have to stay home from school, missing out on valuable opportunities. Days for Girls provides sustainable menstrual management kits so these girls can get the education they need. This is one of those things we often take for granted, but there are too many places where this terribly basic need is overlooked.