Happy 2016!

Hey, readers, I hope your holiday season was stupendous! I’m back to live-blogging…sort of. The major revision of A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING is due January 15, and the proposal for the third Veronica book is due two weeks later. No pressure! (hollow laugh) Actually,  I woke up January 2 with the plot for the proposal pretty well roughed out–which was a complete surprise. I knew one or two elements I wanted to include, but my subconscious did me a solid and filled in the blanks. It’s a wonderful stew of things I’ve enjoyed researching since I was a teenager, so I’m VERY excited about putting together this proposal. While I’m trying to put these projects to bed, I will still be posting here Tuesdays/Thursdays in January and putting regular snippets on Twitter and Instagram. (It’s taken me a ridiculously long time to get around to Instagram, but I dig it. Now if I could just remember to take pictures…)

There’s also something TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING that I can’t even hint at sharing right now, but I will tell you this–progress is being made on the Lady Julia TV series. I hope you have more news to share soon, but at least you know THINGS ARE AFOOT.

Also, today is newsletter day–hope you got yours! And if you have a book club, be sure you check out the monthly contests on the Contest page of the site. We’re giving away a full book club set (8 copies) of various books throughout 2016.

It seems weird to be writing 2016, but here’s a confession: I never once got comfortable with 2015. I don’t know why; I just had some sort of block against it. The year did not start well, and the first half of it was consistent challenge. Things eased up midway through, but I think by then I had already decided that 2015 and I were going to just have to tolerate each other. From September on, things were very much better indeed. Still, when the holidays popped up and the year drew to a close, I had a much stronger “good riddance” feeling about 2015 than I have in quite a while. I stalked Target until my favorite planners were put out on November 1 just because I was so happy to anticipate the new year! I do like a fresh start…