Goodness me!

So I just peeped in here to discover it’s been since MARCH that I dropped an update. If you follow me on social media or subscribe to my newsletters, then you’re up to speed on what’s going on already. I’ve been busy working, finishing up Veronica Speedwell #7 as well as a round of revisions on my female assassins novel (autumn, 2022), and prepping for Veronica #8. With the new year and the publication of two books in a single calendar year–three if you count the paperback of AN UNEXPECTED PERIL in January–late next spring I’m planning on a full overhaul of the website. I want to add a sort of announcement board where updates will be pinned in place of the blog proper, but until then, I’ll be using this space for announcements only. Longer, more thoughtful posts will be sent via newsletter. (These go out the fifth of each month only and your information is never shared.) With the increased writing load (YAY!) it seems like a good time to transition out of the journal space and into a more streamlined announcements section. I’ll post events and publication information here as well as giveaways that my publisher offers until the site revamp is done. Twitter and Instagram are great places to get information and interact with me as well. In case you’ve missed any of the news, here’s a quick recap:

*I just signed a deal for Veronica #8 and 9, so we will have new adventures for Veronica and Stoker through at least 2024!

*Veronica #7, AN IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSTOR, is available for pre-order NOW ahead of the February pub date. If you order now–from your favorite online retailer or brick and mortar bookstore–it’s like giving a present to your future self. Excelsior!

*Berkley is offering a FABULOUS sweepstakes through October 15–a chance to win a heap of awesome books and they’ve very kindly included AN IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSTOR.