Good morning, my dears.

Morning? Afternoon? It’s easy to lose track. That’s the joy of working from home and also the challenge. Some mornings you crack on and get through your entire to-do list by noon, and other days you look up and realize it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pj’s with a breakfast dish on your lap. C’est la vie, non?

After today, I have five days left in quarantine and then I can venture out–with extreme precautions and for essentials only. We’ve left the house twice this week, once to go on a walking trail and once to meander around the campus at William & Mary. We maintained social distance, but it’s disheartening to see from a distance the people who just won’t. (And we’re not even going to talk about the local restaurant with the signs on the curb begging people to dine in. I will boycott them FOREVER for continuing to put people at risk instead of just offering delivery and carry-out.)

The sourdough starter is starting to feel ALIVE and the smell is kind of pungent, but I dwell in hope that at the end of the process, bread will happen! Also, we’re finishing clearing the April calendar which means canceling dental appointments for routine cleanings. This means being extra diligent about flossing. As Vivian in “Pretty Woman” told us, you shouldn’t neglect your gums.

Link round-up:

*Recommended to me is the Webtoon site and in particular a comic called “Miss Abbott and the Doctor.” I haven’t checked it out yet, but the site looks great for people who love graphic novels/comics.

*Stream your favorite Broadway shows on BroadwayHD.

*Got sewing supplies and skills? Here’s a quick guide to sewing face masks.

*Always wanted to learn to code? Check out the Grasshopper app. It’s basic–possibly written for kids?–which is honestly the best way to learn a new skill if you want to have a bit of fun while you work.

*This is a great time to rediscover board games. We just got Azul, highly recommended by everyone I know who has played it. It’s beautiful, based on Portuguese tiles, and lushly colorful. Tensions flaring in quarantine? Opt for Forbidden Island instead. It’s a team-building game where the players work together to beat the game itself. (If you enjoy those, each has spin-off games as well.)

*Trying to prop your “can do” and “make do and mend” spirit? Check out YouTube for “Victorian Farm” or “Tudor Monastery Farm.” They are living history projects where folks spend MONTHS living as our ancestors did and they’ll put a lot of our current challenges about adapting to shortages or procuring goods into stark perspective.

Remember to add your own links and suggestions to the tweet and get entered to win a signed copy of A MURDEROUS RELATION by March 31. Today’s addition to the giveaway list: Ella.