Friday eve

It’s very nearly Friday, and the sun is finally out here. It’s been a gloomy week, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to keep the spirits up. I’ve been countering it with projects–like starting my sourdough and planning the repotting of all my houseplants–but the best cure is just getting myself moving. It’s so easy to just slump on the sofa and BECOME a houseplant. (And honestly, I’ve gotten sucked AGAINST MY WILL into Netflix’s “Tiger King” and, sweet heavenly host, that is just ten foot of weird stuffed in a five foot sack. You’ve got to check it out.)

When I do hunker down to read, I’m wanting comfort reads. Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago on the subject.

And another.

More comfort authors: Laurie Colwin, Elizabeth Peters, M. M. Kaye (suspense novels, not historicals), Mary Stewart (suspense not fantasy), Nancy Mitford, M. F. K. Fisher, Dorothy Whipple, Mariana Dickens, Julia Reed, Sue Grafton, Gladys Mitchell, Sarah Caudwell.

*Hello Glow has recipes for natural skin care and beauty treatments–often with ingredients hanging around in your pantry.

*Round-up of the best places to buy houseplants online.

*Seeds of Change. They sell packaged food in grocery stores but also seeds for planting and the website has recipes and tips.

*Disney has launched a daily Draw With Disney feature where you can learn drawing techniques from animators.

*Incredibly soothing YouTube Channel of Liziqi as she goes about her daily farm chores. Peaceful music and ambient sounds included.

*Reader Sarah has been enjoying this livestream of Decorah eagles.

*Want to play a favorite card game but forgotten the rules? Pagat can help.

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There have been innumerable layoffs and times are uncertain for a lot of folks. If you have an extra buck or two, these organizations are doing their best to help:

*School closures mean that lots of kids are going without their biggest meal of the day. If you can help, No Kid Hungry is in need of donations to tackle this.

*Doctors Without Borders is on the frontline of the pandemic and another great cause if you have money to spare right now.