Ever wonder about the Templeton-Vane boys?

Well, reader Jenny did and she asked about them on Goodreads. Specifically, she wanted to know how they got their names. Here’s the link to read all about it. I explained the STAR TREK easter egg in one name but forgot to mention another homage: Merryweather is actually named for one of SLEEPING BEAUTY’s fairies!

Last post I shared a few of my favorite things right now, and I forgot my newest nail find: Essie’s TLC–Treat Love & Color. I grabbed a bottle from my local drugstore for about $10 and it’s been the perfect summer nail solution. It strengthens and brightens with barely-there color, and best of all it doesn’t chip! I add a fresh coat every few days and remove it to start clean after about two weeks. I always wear red on my toenails and red or silvery pearl on my fingernails so it’s nice to just give everything a break for a few months and go with a more natural look. I’m using the blush version which goes from undetectable to very slightly rosier than usual depending on how many coats I have on. This stuff is SUBTLE. But that’s just what I’m looking for during the summer when sun and chlorine and the great outdoors do their worst.

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