Don’t do as I do

So this post came about because of a tiny home improvement project.

Please ignore the gloomy lighting–it’s overcast here today and I was snapping quickly. (And getting in the way of the lighting source. Oops.) Anyway, those are my closet doors. If you’ll notice, the right door has no hole bored into it to mount a proper doorknob. On the left door, there was just a hole–a big round hole you could have tossed a golf ball through. It made no sense. At some point the previous owners clearly intended to mount doorknobs but never got around to it and we bought the house hole included.

And we left it that way for 13 years. HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT? It was one of those projects that seemed too small to worry about when we had other things to accomplish when moving in–building two staircases, installing a kitchen. So I had a closet door with a hole in it. I would open the door by sticking my fingers through and tugging. Again, RIDICULOUS. It wasn’t pretty; it wasn’t functional. But it always seemed like such a hassle to fix. We would have to agree on a doorknob set, do some drilling, mount them evenly–not easy in a house that’s pushing 80 years old. It all just seemed like so much EFFORT for something so small.

And then a few months ago, I got tired of looking at the stupid hole and went onto Etsy. I did a search for door pulls, found the one you see above, and bought it. Three minutes. $13. It arrived within a week and took half a minute to mount. Do you see how easy the solution was? How effortless it was? I spent thirteen years ignoring a problem that took less than five minutes and twenty bucks to fix. (There were a few dollars for shipping.)

Everything changed when I realized I was making the problem FAR more complicated than it needed to be. I wanted to fix it properly–with drills and functioning doorknobs. But I didn’t need that in order for it to work. I just needed something to cover the hole and something I could use to pull the door open: a door pull with a faceplate. And I LOVE the door pull. It’s functional and vintage and fits perfectly with our hippie bordello decor. But the best part about this $13 piece of iron? It’s a lasting reminder to stop overthinking and just start doing.