Deanna, what’s that on your arm?

Today I’m busy finishing up the pass pages of the paperback edition of A CURIOUS BEGINNING. (I have fun things to tell you about this edition, but I can’t yet and it’s killing me by inches.) In any event, I’m tail over teakettle with that to get it put to bed by the end of the day, and so I’m digging up this fun post from the archives in case you missed it the first time around.

One of the interesting parts of my job is giving interviews. Often, the questions are thought-provoking–and sometimes nerve-rattling, like when I’m asked to name a favorite anything because that can change. Quickly and often.

But some questions crop up a lot and those are the ones it’s difficult to answer simply because I don’t like to repeat myself. Operating on the theory that readers who really enjoy my books will come across more than one interview, I’d like for them to find something new in each. I’m often asked where I get my ideas–which makes me fairly rabid simply because it’s so wrenching to answer. (Process is mysterious alchemy and I don’t like to look at it too closely…)

Another one I’m often asked is “What is something readers don’t know about you?” It’s getting harder and harder to answer this one because readers already know a lot. But here’s something you didn’t know. I have a pair of faint–by now VERY faint–scars on my left arm. From the teeth of a very small tiger. I have sworn a blood oath (literally!) not to reveal a single detail except that I was nommed by a cub. And honestly? It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. Here’s a very blurry photo when the nibble was fresh. [Note: the scars have faded and since been covered over by my tattoo.]

Tiger Bite