Cheating with your books

I have friends who are faithful readers, keeping to one book only until it’s finished. I’m less devoted. I always have multiple books on the go. Here’s a peek at what I’m reading now:

*On the nighstand: IN TEARING HASTE by Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire and Patrick Leigh Fermor. This is a collection of letters between the youngest Mitford sister and her author pal. Epistolary books are the perfect nightstand reading because there are heaps of convenient places to leave off when you doze. (A bad nightstand book is one with long, dense paragraphs and tons of exposition. That’s why I eventually moved MURDER OF A MEDICI PRINCESS to my TBR stack after two attempts to read it at bedtime.) Also on the nightstand, Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s GIFT FROM THE SEA. I always like to have something that’s inspirational to me–philosophy, poetry, etc.–but preferably something easily digestible.

*Next to my computer: large volume of Keats’ poetry. For dipping into when I’m waiting for something to load or print. Stoker is a disciple of Keats, so I annotate as I read, marking lines I think he’d be particularly fond of.

*On my mini-tablet: first, a word about my mini-tablet. It’s an LG, and I got it from AT&T for 99 cents. It was some bonus giftie thing with my last phone, and for a dollar, I figured I would take it and probably never use it. EXCEPT THAT I LOVE IT. It’s the same screen size as my Kindle Fire, but half the weight, so I have loaded it with the Kindle app and it is a divine substitute. (It’s also the perfect size for Instagram and Netflix.) I use it to check out digital books from my library and stashing samples of books I might want to read. I have just finished AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, a Christie reread, and I have THE THIN MAN on the go. It’s my favorite device for reading at bedtime or first thing in the morning because I don’t need to turn on a lamp and disturb the husband.

*In the living room: DEATH ON THE RIVIERA by John Bude, the latest of the British Library Crime reissues by Poisoned Pen Press, and LOVE STYLE LIFE by Garance Dore. Alternating between these as I go through my day. The odd fifteen minutes here or there adds up.