Changes, changes!

So at the beginning of the month I contacted my web team about changing the name of the blog to “Journal”. That’s the name on the book in the center of the website’s landing page, and I thought it might be nice to have everything consistent. I had also been pondering changing it because I truly and deeply despise the word “blog”. The third reason is because it isn’t actually a blog, not in the proper sense of the word. A blog generally allows comments and I’ve turned mine off–again.

Those of y’all who have been around for awhile know the ongoing battle we’ve had with spam. *waves hello to Russia* I’ve experimented with methods of dealing with it. I’ve closed comments entirely; I’ve allowed comments but only with moderation; I’ve allowed comments but only for a short period of time. Ultimately, moderation is the only way to keep the spam from slipping through but it takes time–time I don’t really have anymore. I would FAR rather write, post to social media, research, answer emails, or literally do anything else in the world than moderate my comment queue.

That leaves me with turning comments off entirely and that suits me fine. We will have them back for the occasional quick contest, but for regular entries, I’m leaving them off. That gives me back the time I would spend moderating but with almost no impact for readers. You are still getting the same content I would otherwise post, and there are HEAPS of ways you can get in touch with me should you wish. My email addy is listed on the site as are social media buttons linking my accounts at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Posts will continue to go up Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you don’t need to update your subscription.