Big ’80s, baby!

I was an ’80s teen, and for some reason, whenever I think of that time, it’s always summer. And of course that’s ridiculous because it isn’t like I grew up in Westeros. But memories of my teen years are always drenched in sunlight and they have a very distinctive soundtrack. Say what you like about ’80s music, at least it was FUN. You could either dance to our music or sob your heart out to it. There was no middle ground.

With the FINAL coming of the sun–we’ve had intermittent rain for the past month–I compiled a Big ’80s playlist. There are glaring omissions (NO MICHAEL JACKSON?) and I don’t have any tracks from “Footloose” either, but for opposite reasons. I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan, and I listened to “Footloose” so many times I get a little queasy when I hear any of the songs now I am So. Over. It. The saving grace is that I think it’s the only album I’ve completely maxed on. I won’t add any Chicago or Air Supply because OH MY GOD, I cried enough to those when I was breaking my heart over something, and the tracks associated with John Hughes movies aren’t here either.

It’s a capricious thing, my list. But these are the songs I remember dancing to with my friends or belting out in my car when I got my driver’s license. I haven’t added any Whitney or Prince yet; I’ve so far neglected Joan Jett and Van Halen and Queen. Let’s call it a work in progress.

*Africa, Toto

*St. Elmo’s Fire, John Parr

*Take On Me, A-Ha

*Call Me, Blondie

*The Tide is High, Blondie

*Livin’ On A Prayer, Bon Jovi

*Tainted Love, Soft Cell

*I Want You To Want Me, Cheap Trick

*Missionary Man, Eurythmics

*Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics

*Hurts So Good, John Cougar Mellencamp

*Change, John Waite

*Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas

*Like A Prayer, Madonna

*Take the L, The Motels

*99 Luftballons, Nena

*Shadows of the Night, Pat Benatar

*Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar

*Since You Been Gone, Rainbow

*It’s Raining Again, Supertramp

*Holding Out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler

*Play The Game Tonight, Kansas

*Heat of the Moment, Asia

*Wild Wild West, The Escape Club

*Alone, Heart

*Nothin’ At All, Heart

*These Dreams, Heart

*Gypsy, Fleetwood Mac

*Hold Me, Fleetwood Mac

*Vacation, The Go-Go’s

*Mickey, Toni Basil