Because if you’re silent, you’re not an ally.

In the wake of the terrible shooting in Orlando, I want to make this completely clear: I stand with the LGBTQ community. This means I have zero tolerance for hate and judgment. This means I will happily share my bathroom with a transgender person. This means I have signed petitions calling for discriminatory and hateful legislation to be overturned. This means I have donated to causes that promote equality. This means I have made an appointment to donate blood to the Red Cross this week in the hope that it can be of some small help.This means I will continue to ask my LGBTQ friends what I can do to help and I will listen. And this means I am absolutely unwilling to stand by and be silent if you are on the wrong side of history. If you want to hang onto your bigotry, hold it tight. Because the world is changing and I have no problem leaving you behind.