A question about process

Dawn from Twitter asked:

Of all your published works, which was the most challenging to write?

It’s a strange thing, but every few books I get one that just won’t cooperate. I feel like I’m fighting it from day one. I have to push through and struggle and use every bit of willpower to put myself in the chair EVERY SINGLE DAY. These are the books that fight back, and I can never predict which ones will or why. (The saving grace is that the books after this are usually bliss to write.)

The three that have proven the most challenging so far have been:

*A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS. It was a completely different type of heroine and a very new setting both geographically and in time period. Getting my head around that was extremely tricky. The book is also the least humorous of any I’ve written, and I realized I want a bit more whimsy in what I create because that is just a more enjoyable headspace. Having said that, I think that book has some of my best work in it.

*THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST. This was a challenge because it was my first departure from the Lady Julia Grey series. Getting the voice took FOREVER, and when I finished it, my editor hated the book. I rewrote it, handing in 400 new pages in four weeks. It was BRUTAL, but I think there are a couple of strong scenes that taught me a lot.

*A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING. Heavens, this book was a trial! Because I was still learning Veronica and Stoker, entering their world a second time was challenging. I lost my editor right at the time I would have loved her guidance on it which added an extra layer of angst. But I pushed through and am quite fond of it now. It releases in January, and I think readers will truly enjoy it. *fingers crossed*