A lamentation

Some writers are just taken too soon, and that is a heartbreaking fact. Kate Ross, author of the Julian Kestrel series, died in 1998 at the age of 41. Because of her tragically young death, there are only four books in the Kestrel series, but WHAT BOOKS THEY ARE. Julian Kestrel is a Regency-era dandy and amateur sleuth, and he is so beautifully drawn that I remember being distinctly sad I’d never meet him in real life. Rich with period detail, the series is lively and engaging, and has stayed with me for twenty years. I have made a point of never rereading them, but I have no doubt they are as clever and well-crafted as I remember. The first in the series is CUT TO THE QUICK, but the most ingenious is the final book, THE DEVIL IN MUSIC.

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