A gift for you!

We’re heading into the Thanksgiving season here in the States, and I’m feeling particularly grateful to have supportive readers who LOVE Veronica Speedwell. The next book–AN UNEXPECTED PERIL–will publish in March and I cannot wait to share this latest adventure with you.

So, let’s talk pre-orders. They’re a big deal for writers because they’re a big deal for booksellers and publishers. If a lot of readers order the book in advance, then booksellers have a much better idea of how many copies to request from the publisher. (And publishers know there’s a big demand!) Digital pre-orders all count as being “sold” on the publication date which is a large spike in numbers too. For these reasons and others–bestseller lists, industry buzz, etc.–everybody loves a pre-order. Readers too! A pre-order means you complete your purchase ahead of time and then forget about it. Either your digital copy pops onto your reader shortly after midnight without you lifting a finger, or a kindly bookseller already knows to ship your physical copy out. And you can pre-order a hard copy from an indie bookseller as easily as you order an ebook, so whichever format you prefer, you’re covered.

As a thank you to readers who pre-order we’ve put together a gift–an online Veronica Speedwell scrapbook! It has some material that’s been published in other places and some new things. The idea is that we will add to it with every Veronica title. Want access? No problem! Just snap a screenshot of (or forward) your pre-order confirmation and send it to deanna@deannaraybourn.com You’ll get an email reply with the link.

Not able to pre-order? No worries. You can request your local library purchase AN UNEXPECTED PERIL and that counts too. We want as many readers as possible to be able to participate in the pre-order fun. Excelsior!