It’s Tuesday, right?

Keeping busy and sane during quarantine is not a sprint, y’all. It’s a marathon. Take it day by day, hour by hour if you need. There will be white-knuckle moments and times where you are able to block it all out for a short while and make some new kind of normal. Embrace those. I’ve seen the hurricane analogy several times and it feels apt. If you’re not coastal, you’re probably not familiar with the waiting. You know something bad is coming; you make preparations, and then there is the stillness between where the bad thing hasn’t reached you yet. That’s when you start to doubt if it’s really coming. You bargain. You obsessively refresh news feeds. You make bleak jokes. There’s a heightened sense of reality to it all. It’s difficult to make art; it’s hard to breathe. And the worst part is listening to the people who haven’t prepared at all and think you’re being hysterical for taking precautions at all. Their flippant remarks and glib jokes won’t age well.

In the meantime, do what you can to carve out those times of contentment. Store them up like a squirrel hoarding nuts, y’all. You’re going to be glad you did.

Suggestions and links:

*Coloring page subscription at Rad & Happy. Great if you have young ones at home or if you hopped on the trend a few years back for adult coloring books. Sometimes creating your own art feels too demanding. It’s okay to take the easy way.

*Having trouble getting fresh fruits and vegetables? I just got my first box from Misfits Market, a subscription service that delivers organic produce to your door at about 40% off of retail. They claim to be offering the misshapen rejects, but there wasn’t a single item in my box that didn’t look like it had just come from Whole Foods. Highly recommended.

*Acorn TV. I know I flog them a lot, but they’ve got great British programming, including the new Miss Fisher movie that just dropped this week. You can try them free for a week.

*Speaking of free trials, several streaming platforms are offering them right now. Smithsonian +, Showtime, CBS All Access. A good time to check out some platforms you’ve been thinking about.

*Reader Emily recommended a simple set of jumbo pick-up sticks to play with the kids. (I’d add Jenga to the list.)

*Reader Elizabeth suggested YouTube for Secrets of the Museum featuring the Victoria & Albert as well as historian Helen Castor’s documentary on Lady Jane Grey if you’re a Brit history buff.

*Virtual Jane Austen conference online in just a few days!

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