A question about process

on June 30, 2016

Dawn from Twitter asked: Of all your published works, which was the most challenging to write? It’s a strange thing, but every few books I get one that just won’t cooperate. I feel like I’m fighting it from day one. I have to push through and struggle and use every bit of willpower to put…

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A question about Twitter…

on June 28, 2016

Still fielding questions from Twitter and this one comes from Suzy: You seem very connected with people on Twitter. What do you like most about this form of social media? I do love Twitter; it’s my favorite form of social medial although I did finally cave and open an Instagram account which is BLISS. (I…

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Questions? We’ve got ’em!

on June 22, 2016

This week I buckled down to writing Veronica #3 in earnest and have written two chapters in two days. (YAY!) It’s been such a good start that I completely forgot to write a post yesterday. So, belatedly, here you go: Last week I thought I’d ask Twitter if they had questions–just general process type stuff….

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Making it rain–books!

on June 14, 2016

A kindly tweep brought this to my attention on Twitter in order to give it a signal boost there, but I wanted to take it further. There is a library in Greenville, California, that needs help. It’s a combined library that serves a very small community that is desperately in need of books. The students…

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Because if you’re silent, you’re not an ally.

on June 13, 2016

In the wake of the terrible shooting in Orlando, I want to make this completely clear: I stand with the LGBTQ community. This means I have zero tolerance for hate and judgment. This means I will happily share my bathroom with a transgender person. This means I have signed petitions calling for discriminatory and hateful…

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Big ’80s, baby!

on June 9, 2016

I was an ’80s teen, and for some reason, whenever I think of that time, it’s always summer. And of course that’s ridiculous because it isn’t like I grew up in Westeros. But memories of my teen years are always drenched in sunlight and they have a very distinctive soundtrack. Say what you like about…

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Today is creepy

on June 7, 2016

When I was a fairly ghoulish child, I developed an interest in queens–notably the ones who were executed. I read voraciously about Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Mary, Queen of Scots, Lady Jane Grey, Marie Antoinette. I sorted them into categories: the innocent victim (Anne Boleyn); those I felt deserved their fate (Mary, Queen of Scots…

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More books!

on June 2, 2016

Like most writers, I am a tireless reader. I collect armfuls of books from the library each week, I browse bookstores, and I take note of recommendations from Twitter pals whose tastes align with mine. (If you want a peek at what I’m reading, I frequently post book pics on Instagram.) And when I find…

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