Adieu, dear readers for 2015!

on December 31, 2015

So it’s New Year’s Eve and we’re wrapping up our guest posts with Sally. I would say we’re saving the best for last, but I have loved ALL of our guests and am delighted they came to play with us for the month of December. I hope you have enjoyed them just as much. I…

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Today we meet Olivia

on December 29, 2015

Today’s guest is Olivia, and she’s saying very nice things about me which I did not pay her to do. At all. And don’t look now, but I think her hyperlink at the end might work which means that I could have possibly done something correctly. It’s a holiday miracle! My Enduring Love for Elizabeth…

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In the kitchen with Carin

on December 22, 2015

For the month of December, I’m delighted to turn the online journal over to guest writers. Today’s contributor is Carin! To follow her on the social media sites she included, you’ll need to–oh, you know. Cut. And paste. First: hi, hello, hi! It’s an honor and a privilege to be guest blogging on D’s website….

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Bonus post!

on December 18, 2015

Hope you guys are enjoying the fabulous guest posts we have this month! I am so HEAVINGLY grateful to all of the lovely women who volunteered to write for you. I am tail over teakettle in revising the next Veronica book, and it’s going great–right on track to turn in January 15. If you receive…

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Stacey is talking Chanukah today

on December 17, 2015

Today’s guest writer is Stacey–sharing Chanukah thoughts. And to find Stacey, yes–there will be cutting and pasting! Two Days after Chanukah ? By Stacey Agdern The day after Christmas is a holiday in it’s own. Two days after Christmas, people still have their lights up, even though their focus turns towards till New Years. But…

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Theresa is here today with musical thoughts

on December 16, 2015

Today’s guest writer for our December open house is Theresa. I would mention again that you’ll need to cut and paste to pop over to Theresa’s site, but that would be overkill… Deanna, thanks for the chance to join you on the blog! Hi, everyone—I’m Theresa Romain. I write historical romance, drink a lot of…

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Today we have Alexandra in the house

on December 15, 2015

Alexandra is our guest author today with a gift guide for and some goodies. Gifts for the Book Lover I’m delighted to be posting here today while Deanna if off on what is sure to be a glamorous and gorgeous December break. Since I blog…infrequently, it’s always fun to put together a special post. (Most…

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Sue is here–with links and a giveaway!

on December 10, 2015

Today’s guest post author is Sue–and she brought treats. If the indicated links are proving wonky for you, just cut and paste them into your browser! And the answer is yes to cookies. Always yes! Sue’s sites are not hyperlinked, so cut and paste, chickens. Also, I haven’t the faintest idea why, but WordPress got…

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Heather is talking joy

on December 9, 2015

Today’s guest writer is Heather–pondering joy. As ever, use ye olde cut and paste for the sites Heather provided. “’Tis the season to be jolly!” But what, as I say to my students, does that even mean? I have a funny relationship with joy. I shy away from it; most of the time, I even…

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Kelly is sharing her newest release

on December 8, 2015

We’ve got guest authors a go-go here this month, and today Kelly is talking about her newest release. Housekeeping note: if you’d like to check out the sites Kelly provided at the end of her post, just cut and paste. Funny story. When Deanna emailed us the list of what dates all of us were…

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