It’s a linky roundup–get your ropes and saddle up!

on May 28, 2015

Today’s link roundup features all sorts of yummy things that I think you will enjoy. *Courtesy of The Toast (via Murder by the Book’s weekly newsletter) Signs that Agatha Christie Is About To Murder You. *Also courtesy of MBTB (have I mentioned lately how much I love them?) Miss Marple vs. The Mansplainers. Kudos in…

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So today we’re loving

on May 21, 2015

and I’m loving so much right now I can’t hardly talk about it. For starters, I woke up the other morning to a lovely email from the producer of the Lady Julia TV series asking my thoughts on casting. (He mentioned an actress I ADORE for the role of Julia, so I’ve been floating ever…

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on May 19, 2015

I entirely forgot today was a blogging day, chickens, mea culpa. I did get 2000 words written this morning, so I hope that will be a consolation. (Veronica Speedwell #2 is well underway!) Anyway, today’s is a Watching post, and for starters–“Tower of London”, 1939. It’s a wretched excuse for history, but heavens is it…

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Today we’re making

on May 14, 2015

Honestly, I expected the “Making” posts to be about food or crafts or other projects, but today we’re talking about a different kind of making: DEALS. I’m utterly delighted to announce that we’ve just agreed to a deal with Titan Books for the first three Veronica Speedwell books to be published in the UK! Having…

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We have a guest!

on May 12, 2015

Today is a Reading day, so I’m delighted to welcome lovely author and pal Tracy Grant to talk about her newest release, THE MAYFAIR AFFAIR! Tracy will be giving away a digital copy of THE MAYFAIR AFFAIR–platform of your choice–so pop a post in the comments to win. (Please note, comments are on moderation and…

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Surprise Saturday post!

on May 9, 2015

These Saturday posts are like Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition–nobody expects them! But today there was something just too fun NOT to share at once. Rachel Hollis, author, blogger, and all-around cool chick just made a hilarious video titled Book Nerd Problems–and look what she’s reading in the opening sequence! Rachel loves to tell the story…

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Bonus post!

on May 8, 2015

This week the lovely Deeanne Gist launched her newest, TIFFANY GIRL, and to celebrate she’s offering an awesome prize package! (Her last book had a scene between the hero/heroine that was so funny, I literally cried my mascara off. No lie. When I told her that story she showed up to one of my book…

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Talking about Granny Olga

on May 7, 2015

This month’s ancestor (Reminiscing?) feature highlights one of the most interesting people to turn up in the family tree–St. Olga of Kiev. Seems odd to have a saint in the ancestral closet, doesn’t it? Literally millions of people today are descended from saints, usually the royal ones. When Christianity was first gaining a foothold in…

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We’re out of order!

on May 5, 2015

So today should be a blog about Reading but NOPE. I’m saving that for May 12 because we have a guest blogger that day, so today’s theme is Writing. I mentioned Reader/Writer Nancy–I’ve actually mentioned her frequently–in a blog entry a few weeks back and she popped right up with a series of interesting questions…

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