It’s our last new theme!

on April 30, 2015

So April has been about introducing our new blog themes, and today is our eighth and final–linking. Once a month I’m going to round up an assortment of links, some fun, some informative, most discovered in within the previous month. I will even try to save some treats and not tweet them first! *Fairy Playdough….

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Today’s new theme–archiving!

on April 28, 2015

There are always new folks stopping by the blog and so I try to make sure that fun pieces from the archive get a second–and sometimes third!–posting so they don’t get missed. Once a month, I’ll be digging through the archives to repost something from the early days of the Blog A Go-Go. Those archival…

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This theme is a fun one…

on April 23, 2015

Today we’re talking about things I love to watch. We will mostly be chatting here about old movies and documentaries–I don’t watch too much in the way of regularly-scheduled network stuff except “Elementary”. I am utterly smitten with TCM, but my cable provider has added something fun called Retro, and as of this month–cue the…

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New blog theme number…okay, I’ve lost track

on April 21, 2015

Five? I think? Anyway, our newest monthly blog feature debuts today. Side note, it turns out I was right about READER NANCY who has earned the right to a capslocked name. She is tail over teakettle in school work right now and my shout-out on the blog earned me a delightfully long email asking for…

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This is the time on Sprockets when we write

on April 16, 2015

Brownie points for knowing the title reference. Yep, we are definitely going to be doing a monthly feature on writing. Might be my process, might be someone else’s. Might be a question from READER NANCY who has been suspiciously quiet lately. (I suspect she’s off doing fabulous things with her own work.) In any event,…

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Today we’re MAKING

on April 14, 2015

So our third theme is “making”. Whether it’s food or something crafty, this feature each month will highlight an idea for puttering. Do you putter? I LOVE to putter. Puttering is not doing chores; it’s not a formal hobby. It’s messing around in a desultory way, attending to things that don’t have to get done,…

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Theme # 2

on April 9, 2015

So today we get to talk about the second theme for each month–only I haven’t quite decided what to call it. Every other theme has a nice tidy gerund for a title (like yesterday’s “Reading”), but this one is proving elusive. Reminiscing? Revisiting? It will come to me. In the meantime, I can tell you…

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Today is a brand new day…

on April 7, 2015

Today we kick off the blog changes, and it begins with a change in title format. No more “in which we…” That’s been around for a long time–ever since the original Blog A Go-Go, but it seemed like a good time to retire it. Today I’m revealing the first of the eight themes I’ll be…

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In which I say THANK YOU

on April 3, 2015

To all the folks who have shared the news of Julia’s TV series on FB and Twitter, those who have emailed and messaged privately, and those who have commented here–THANK YOU! I knew readers would be happy, but the response far exceeded my expectations. So far over 20,000 people have seen the news on FB…

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In which I have an announcement

on April 3, 2015

So you know how for years people have been asking when Lady Julia was going to be made into a TV series and I always said, “I don’t know”? Well, now I do. I am THRILLED to announce that the Julia Grey series has been optioned by Barry Ryan at Free@Last TV! I’m sorry, I…

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